Zodiac Alpha IQ

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The Alpha IQ is the idea automated pool cleaning robot.  The Alpha IQ can be programmed and monitored remotely using the iAqualink softare.

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The Alpha IQ has a sensor Nav System.  The cleaner optimises its moments based on you pool configuration.  The pressure sensor ensure the Alpha IQ has excellent wall climbing and waterline cleaning.




A patented cyclone system provides long and lasting suction.  With an extra large suction facility and a fine filtration system, the Alpha IQ  provides optimal cleaning and debris collection.





Through the iAqualink application, you can monitor the cleaning progress of your Alpha IQ.  The Alpha IQ is up-gradable through optimisation and remote updates.




Easy to Use

Thanks to its patented Lift SystemALPHA iQ™ is lighter when removing it from the water. Its simple access to its filter and the visibility offered by its transparent window make it easy-to-use in all circumstances.




Technical Specification

Model RA 6300 IQ RA 6500 iQ RA 6700 IQ
Pool Size 12 x 6 m 12 x 6 m 15 x 7 m
Number of motors 3
Control box supply 200-240 VAC ; 50 / 60 Hz
Power supply 30 VDC
Operating power 150 W
Cable length / Hose length 18m with Swivel 18m with Swivel 21m with Swivel
Cleaner size (L x W x h) 43 x 48 x 27 cm
Packaging size (L x W x h) 56 x 56 x 46 cm
Cleaner weight 10 kg
Packaging weight 21 kg 21 kg 22,3 kg
Filtering surface and level 1180 cm² / 60μ
Filtering capacity 5 L
Inlet suction size / Cleaned width 24.5 cm
Type of pool Private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls
Pool shapes Rectangular, oval, free shape
All Floors Flat, gentle slope, composite slope, diamond shape
Cleaning areas Floor / walls / waterline
Cleaning Cycles Quick: Floor Only
Smart: Floor/Walls/Waterline
Quick: floor only 1h15
Smart: floor/ walls / waterline (calculated time)
Ultra: floor / walls / waterline (2h45)
Quick: floor only 1h15
Smart: floor/ walls / waterline (calculated time)
Ultra: floor / walls / waterline (2h45)
Waterline only: 0h45
Steering pre-programmed
Drive system 4 wheel drive
Transmission Gears
Pressure sensor Yes
Lift System Yes
Transparent window Yes
Full filter indicator Yes
Remote control mode with app
Water temperature measurement No No Yes (info in app)
Swivel device No more cable tangling
Safety Deck system, out of water safety, diagnostic, electronic motor protector
Filtration system / access Rigid Filter canister with access over the cleaner

4 year warranty  (3 years + 1 year if the cleaner is paired to iAqualink™)

Accessories Included In The Pack :

  • Trolley
  • Control box
  • Ultra-Fine Filter canister 60μ
  • Contact + Brushes
  • Swivel
  • Free App

Optional Accessories (Not Included) :

  • Ultra-fine filter canister 60μ
  • Fine filter canister 100μ
  • Large debris filter canister 200μ
  • Protective cover

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