Our Key Staff Members

Stuart Homewood – Managing Director

Since 2008 Stuart has been responsible for developing Homewood Leisure from a small swimming pool and hot tub sales and maintenance business, into a company that has grown to now include a wide selection of commercial customers.

Whilst still offering and delivering on our core products and services, Homewood Leisure also delivers on more complex projects and requirements, in the commercial sector.

Stuart’s vision is clear he states:

“provide exceptional service and advice, ensuring that our staff and projects are resourced and developed to meet these standards.”

Committed to social responsibility, Stuart has created a culture that promotes honesty and a high level of integrity, encouraging individual involvement and corporate support for local charities and community groups. Notable mentions include the Hastings Winkle Club, Pett Level Rescue Boat and the local youth football teams.

Phillip Homewood – Service Engineer

Phil previously worked for Plastica, one of the UK’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool and associated products. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the water leisure industry. What he does not know, is not worth knowing.

Phil designs and builds swimming pools for almost any budget, installing a wide selection of swimming pool products and systems both commercial and domestic, ensuring the design specification is met.

Phil has considerable expertise in the installation of swimming pool liners, from bespoke factory made liners to complex liners that are tailor fitted, some of which are hand welded on site.

His knowledge in not just limited to swimming pools, but also to spas and hot tubs. He can diagnose many problems over the phone or by a short site visit often repairing the problem while still on site.

Mark Payne – Senior Service Engineer

Mark has been in the pool industry for more years than he cares to remember.

In the past Mark has worked for various pool companies and been self employed before joining Homewood Leisure. Often when travelling around Kent and Sussex he can be heard saying, built a pool there, refurbished that one, that’s a good build etc.

He is a value member of the team and is the engineer that the less experienced staff turn to for advice.

There is a phrase around the office that says if Mark doesn’t know the answer, its not worth knowing.

Gary Gwilliam – Service Engineer

Gary joined Homewood Leisure in the Autumn of 2022, he has become a familiar face while doing routine servicing, maintenance and upkeep on Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs at client premises.

Before joining Homewood Leisure, Gary worked with local Holiday Parks, doing their inhouse hot tub refreshes and servicing.

He has gained considerable experience and knowledge on products and servicing in a comparatively short period of time since starting at Homewood Leisure.

Outside of work, Gary has a keen interest in American motor vehicles owning a 1937 Ford Sedan, a 429 cubic inch Cadillac (7.2 litre for us less informed) and a Harley Davison motorcycle.

Malcolm Torrance – I.T., Marketing, Website and Sales

Having spent some time contracting to Homewood Leisure working on the website, Malcolm joined the company in June 2020.

He continues to work on the website and look after other back office services, such as warranty claims and internal processes that are required for a company to operate. He works closely with Stuart with the running of Homewood Leisure.

Outside of the company he has interests in music; sings choral and classical; and is studying with the Open University.