Swimming Pool Servicing

Homewood Leisure believes in helping you to keep your Swimming Pool in optimum operating condition.  To help you with this, Homewood Leisure offers several types of service.

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Spring Opening

Once spring has arrived and you wish to use your pool again, it is advisable to have what is called a “Spring Opening”.  This service checks the pool and components and ensures no issues have occurred over the winter. Items checked in this service include:

  • Removal of debris cover,
  • Removing any debris that may have got into the water,
  • Checking all pumps and filters are working correctly,
  • Topping up the water to the correct level,
  • Testing pool water and adding necessary chemicals.

Winter Shutdown

To prepare your swimming pool for a winter closure, Homewood Leisure offers a Winter Shutdown Service.  This includes:

  • Dropping the water level to stop pipes freezing and skimmers cracking.
  • Draining of the pipes, filter, and pump.
  • Adding chemicals such as cleaner winter which controls the algae and keeps your pool clean throughout the winter months.
  • A winter debris cover* is put over the pool until the following spring this is to stop smaller objects falling into the pool.

Swimming Pool Open/Closure package

Homewood Leisure have now offer a combination package combining the spring opening and winter shutdown.  By buying the two services together Homewood Leisure is giving a significant discount compared to buying the opening and closing packages desperately.

Regular Pool Maintenance – (Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly)

If you are looking for a regular check on your pool, perhaps because your pool is used commercially, or you feel happier when an experienced engineer is checking your pool on a regular basis,  Homewood Leisure can assist.  Call our service department to arrange a regular schedule of maintenance.

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*If you have young children or pets it may be worth investing in a safety cover. Some of the options available can be found here.  Please contact us regarding size, installation and price.