Hot Tub Servicing

Homewood Leisure believes in helping you to keep your Hot Tub in optimum operating condition.  To help you with this, Homewood Leisure offers several types of service.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

Refresh Service

Are you concerned that your hot tub needs a refresh, perhaps it has not been used for a while, the water is not clear, or concerned about the chemical balance, then the refresh services is what you may need.

  • Biofilm eliminator added to water
  • Filters soaked in a cleaning solution. Older filters may need to be replaced.
  • Empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum out the spa
  • Re-fill with fresh water, rinse filter and re-fit
  • Prime all pumps of air and re-commission
  • Balance water levels using customers chemicals





Annual Service

Each Year your hot tub should have a service. This ensures that there are no current problems and recommends a course of action if any issues are noted.

  • Biofilm eliminator added to the water
  • Filters soaked in a cleaning solution.  Older filters may need to be replaced at an additional cost
  • Every jet is checked & cleaned of grit and dirt to ensure they move freely & regain optimum performance
  • Pumps, blowers & other major components are measured for performance and each component is inspected for wear and tear
  • Listen for abnormal noise & inspect all connections are watertight
  • Pipework & glue joint inspection, ensuring no leaks, kinks, or bends in the pipework
  • Empty, clean, rinse down the spa
  • Make notes of suggested repairs & carry out repairs agreed with the customer
  • Check heater is clear & free of scale
  • Tighten all unions & inspect seals
  • Re-fill with fresh water, rinse filters & re-fit
  • Prime all pumps of air & re-commission
  • Balance water using customer chemicals
  • Sign off the service with customer
  • Wipe clean the cover & apply a protective solution


Weekly Hot Tub Refresh for Holiday Lets

Do you have a Holiday Let with a hot tub?

For hygiene purposes, the tub should be refreshed between bookings, Homewood Leisure offers this service, keeping your Hot Tub clean and sanitary for each new booking.

This service is similar to the refresh service above but is specifically designed for weekly checks on hot tubs that have a constant turnover of users, as in a holiday let environment.

Please contact us for customised pricing as this service is tailored specifically for your hot tub usage and circumstances.