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BeWell Quebec (575)


The BeWell Quebec hot tub is designed for 5 persons, comprising 2 loungers and 3 seats.

  • 4 tub colour options
  • 2 Cabinet Colours
  • 65 jets
  • Volcano jet
  • Illuminated Waterfall
  • Illuminated Controllers
  • BeWell sound with Subwoofer
  • BeWell Touch Control Panel
  • 3 Water Pumps
  • 1 Air Blower Pump
  • 2210 x 2210 x 920 mm (W x D x H)

Optional Extras:

  • BeWell Wifi
  • BeWell Self Cleaning System
  • LED Backlit jets

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Is the BeWell Quebec hot tub, the one for you?

The Quebec hot tub comprises two loungers and three seats.  Seventy-five jets are in this spa, some are directional. while others are rotary allowing varying pressure.   For control of your spa the BeWell Touch control panel come as standard, this is unobtrusive and provides a graphical display of your hot tub functions.

UK Delivery
The delivery price added to your cart is for “delivery only” and includes placement providing the location is suitable.  Should other services such as groundwork(s), electrics, or delivery be nonstandard (such as a crane requirement) please contact us for pricing.

Please contact us to confirm your colour/cabinet combination.

Sound System and Controls

This hot tub comes with the BeWell Touch control panel.  This integrated system allows control of your audio system, being able to select the source, adjust volume settings and display song information from services such as Apple iTunes and Spotify.

The system is supplied with waterproof speakers and a subwoofer for a high-quality sound, as expected by music lovers.



Additional information

Weight 405 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 90 mm


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