Bayrol Pool Manager Pro

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The Bayrol pool manager features Innovative technology with a chic design.

The pool manager will allow you to enjoy crystal clear water at all times.   – The latest incarnation has developed into a pool management system.

Thanks to the clearly structured menus, operations via the touch display are intuitive and simple,  the modern design of the PoolManager will also attract attention.

Depending upon your requirements, the PoolManager is available with different treatment methods: chlorine and chlorine free using active oxygen and bromine. If you ever want to change treatment method the system is flexible so that it can be converted at any time.

As the latest incarnation has developed into a pool management system it takes care of other tasks besides water treatment. Functions that the system control include: control of the circulation pump, water attractions, and the pool heating.

Being an interactive system it can be connected to your computer network allowing you to monitor and regulate all functions of your pool remotely at any time from anywhere using your phone, tablet or other internet connected devices.


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The additional function of the Pro over the standard version includes:

Commercial style treatments
Do you want to treat your pool water in the same way as for example in a water park? With the PoolManager PRO, this is easily possible. Whenever necessary the exact quantity of chlorine is dosed to ensure perfect water quality. As we say, completely PROfessional.

Precise measurement
While the PoolManager measures the redox potential, PoolManager PRO uses the potentiostatic measurement principle. The PoolManager PRO precisely measures the actual chlorine content in the pool water and displays the chlorine value in mg/l.

Simple maintenance
The method of free chlorine measurement used by PoolManager PRO is also low maintenance, self-cleaning and very durable. Thanks to this highly developed technology, you can continue to concentrate entirely on having fun in the swimming pool.


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