HeatForm sport Options

The Heatform Sport pool comes in two standard sizes

HF SPORT 5000 (2.5m x 5m) or HF SPORT 6000 (6m x 3m) with a water depth of 1.2m.

The HF Sport can be installed either in the ground, or as a free-standing above ground pool.

The adjustable steel support system, on the above ground version, allows the panels to be fixed to a concrete floor to provide a fully self-supporting above ground installation.

All HeatForm exercise pool kits include the premium Zodiac heating, filtration and lighting equipment as standard.

Add some flair to your design by adding mood enhancing, colour- changing RGBW LED lights or incorporating a stainless steel over-the-wall ladder for a more practical finish.

Each HeatForm exercise pool comes with a choice of counter current jets built into a bespoke support panel. You can choose from a wide range of state of
the art jets suitable for all budgets from an Endless Pools Fastlane, or Binder Hydrostar through to the basic Fluvo or Badu jet systems.

HeatForm swim jet options

Fitness and swimming ability is unique to each and everyone of us and an important decision in your swim spa design is the choice of swim jet to
compliment this.

Whilst some will be seeking a high end, competition level swimming experience, others will be looking for a much gentler swim experience. The vast majority of exercise pool owners , however, require a swim jet appropriate for a more general all-round fitness and exercise routine.

It is for this reason, the HF SPORT exercise pools are not restricted to just one brand of swim jet. They are designed using a bespoke, end panel option
suitable for any of the market leading jets seen here.