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Plastica Wooden Fun Pool 10ft

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10ft Wooden Fun Pool

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A new addition to the affordable above ground pool market. Asthetically pleasing to compliment your garden. Can be used above ground or submerged in ground.

Fun pools come with the same great 10 year warranty and quality of manufacture as our premium wooden pools.

Kit Contents:

  • Redwood Walls & Structure
  • 44mm Thickness
  • Single Piece Softwood Top
  • Mid Blue Liner & Felt Underlay
  • Pipework & Fittings
  • Installation Guide
  • Can be positioned on a flat level lawn 
  • Filteration upgrade available
  • Skimmer & Inlet Cut-out
  • Includes Cartridge Filter

Please contact us to confirm delivery and installation (if required).

Upgrades & Accessories

Wooden Filtration Enclosure

An enclosure that will match your wooden pool. For securely housing your pool filtration and heating equipment etc. Can be mounted against the pool wall, or remotely. Full height of pool- can be mounted against the skimmer wall or remotely. Double front doors and top trap for skimmer access.  View Product

Pipe & Fittings Upgrade

Hard pipework extension kit for addition of electric heaters or other plant equipment you may wish to use with your wooden pool. Also useful if you are intending to situate your plant equipment further away from the pool.  View Product

Solar Covers

A range of summer bubble covers that are sized to fit your wooden pool and help heat the water with free heat from the sun to extend your swimming season.  View Products

Reel Systems

Help make the task of covering and uncovering your pool less cumbersome with the assistance of a reel system for your solar cover.  View Products

Solar Heating

This solar heater is an aid to swimming pool heating and may be used in conjunction with other methods of heating the pool water in unpredictable seasonal weather conditions. View Product

Heat Pumps

The most economical way of heating your pool water. Heat pumps typically consumes less than one-fifth of the electricity of conventional pool water heaters.  View Products