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Are you looking for a patterned tile band that is something different from a plain blue mosaic?

Homewood Leisure can supply tile bands in a variety of patterns.

As pools come in a variety of sizes and configurations please contact us for an individual quote.

Homewood Leisure also offers an onsite pool liner service for renovating your old pool.  Click here for further details.

Please Note:
Due to the way monitors produce colours or your particular monitor configuration, the colours seen on screen may be different from the actual colour. Please visit our shop to see the colour chart.

If Tilebands are custom made to specification, they are only returnable in the event of a product defect or warranty claim.


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Balmoral, Beige Oxford, Buckingham, Cathage Blue, Delphos Blue-Grey, Delphos Terracotta-Grey, Florentine Plus, Grey Oxford, Ibiza Blue, Ipanema Blue, Lisboa Blue, Lisboa Grey-Blue, Mallorca Blue, Mykonos Blue, Mykonos Plus Blue-Grey, Olympia Blue, Pompei Blue, Pompei Plus Grey-Blue