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It matches pool intelligently with continuous & optimal efficiency. The Inverter+ HP allows the heating capacity from 25% to 100% automatically according to pool demand, but most of the time it only runs by middle & low speed for maximum efficiency.

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  • 70% higher COP than normal On/Off HP
  • 50% higher COP than normal Inverter HP

10 Times Quieter:

Inverter+ HP adopts super quiet Mitsubishi inverter compressor and full-inverter ventilation system, which offers you a 10 times quieter swiiming enviroment when maintaining the pool temperature.

Aluminum-alloy Casing:

Classic Aluminum-alloy Casing and hidden screws, simple outlooking, life time anti-rusting.

Soft Starter:

When Inverter+ HP turns on, the current will start from 0 A and increase slowly to rated current in 2 minutes. It will not affect the house electricity system. While the start current of normal on/off HP is 5 times of rated current, it is a burden to the electricity system.

Designed For Air -7 Degrees Celsius:

Inverter+ HP is designed for air -7 Degrees Celsius which can maximize your pool season.