Calorex Variheat III

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A complete environmental control system designed specifically for indoor swimming pools.

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The Variheat Series 3 is an advanced environmental control system designed specifically to control indoor pool hall conditions. This unique range of equipment maximises
energy efficiency to ensure running costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

This Variheat system provides an ideal solution for domestic and light-commercial projects incorporating air distribution ductwork.

Features of the Variheat

  • Humidity control
  • Multiple functions
  • Heat Recovery
  • Heating options
  • Ventilation options
  • Low running costs
  • Air cooling options
  • Automatic operation
  • Built to requirements
  • Fully tested
  • Fully guaranteed

Humidity Control

Humidity is controlled by an efficient compressor driven heat pump circuit. Moisture is extracted from the warm moist air as it condenses internally and then drained to waste. During this dehumidification process, energy is also stripped from the warm moist air, substantially upgraded and converted to recovered heat. This recovered heat is provided free of charge and distributed into the pool water and/or pool hall air.

Pool Hall Air Heating

The Variheat Series 3 offers much more than efficient humidity control. For optimum comfort levels within the pool hall, it is sensible to heat the internal air. For maximum effectiveness, the Variheat can be built with the inclusion of an air heating facility. This will ensure the heat losses via the pool hall building can be dealt with at all times. Two methods of air heating are available; either an electric element type or an internal Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW) heat exchanger circuit. Choosing a Variheat with an air heating facility will save time, materials and space associated with alternative heating systems. By using the economy switch, the Air heating and dehumidification circuits can also be switched off to enable only pool water heating (if required).

Pool Water Heating

In addition to the Air Heating facility, a pool water heat exchanger can also be built in to the Variheat Series 3. The high capacity range of heat exchangers fitted to these Variheats ensure the pool water is brought up to temperature quickly. Simple connections are provided for plumbing to a source of primary hot water.


A correct balance of fresh air input and exhausted air from the pool hall will help maintain good internal air quality. If independent ventilation equipment is not proposed, the Variheat Series 3 is available with a Ventilation module option. This module is built on to the Variheat, which means that all pool air handling equipment is housed within the plant room. Small circular spigots are provided for ducting both ‘supply’ and ‘extract’ air flows to the outside atmosphere.

Pool Hall Air Cooling

An optional air cooling facility is available. This utilises external condensing module(s) in conjunction with the Variheat equipment. The Variheat can be factory built to incorporate a refrigerant cooling circuit. Details available upon request.

Ultimate Build Flexibility

Variheat Series 3 units are carefully designed, selected and built specifically to suit the individual requirements of each and every project. Whether a simple or complex plant room layout, this equipment offers complete flexibility across the whole range. Combining these factors with the vast number of air flow configurations available, the Variheat Series 3 clearly offers ultimate flexibility.