HeatForm external finishes

HF SPORT pools can be installed in three ways : in-ground, half in/half out or fully above ground. When installing in-ground the pool surround can be finished in a traditional way with copings and patio or decking. When installed either half in/half out or fully above ground, consideration needs to be taken on how the outside of the pool will look and fit within its surroundings.

For a more contemporary feel, HeatForm have developed a unique, recycled cladding and capping system available in four different colours. However, like all the key elements in a HeatForm pool, the external finish can be tailored to your own preferences.

Composite capping in Anthracite and cladding
in Cotswold Green
HF Sport in-ground pool

Heatform capping and cladding

Available in four stock colours, HeatForm’s bespoke capping and cladding system is designed with the same techonology used in the production of the pool
wall panels – recycled bottles encased in fibreglass, which provides a strong and durable finish.

Through combining this system with the HeatForm panels, by adding an extra layer of insulation, you are further reducing your heat loss from the pool.

If you would rather choose your own style of finish such as decking, natural wood or stone then we have developed and can supply a solution to fix most materials to the Heatform above-ground frame work.

HF Sport PVC clad


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