HeatForm – Panels

Instead of creating a concrete basin, Heatform panels are a panel system that bolts together to create insulated walls.  Panels are available in four sizes allowing you to create a pool of the correct dimensions or shape.

The inverta panel system is designed to allow inlets, outlets and skimmers to be placed around the pool, allowing for optimised water hydraulics, ensuring the pool is correctly filtered.

With the available panel sizes, anything from a 15 m x 10 m public pool, down to a 4 m x 2 m hydrotherapy pool can be created.  Panels are designed to create walls at 90 degree angles, this allows for elegant pool shapes to be created, such as “T” or “L” or even “cross” shaped pools.

Normally a 10m x 5m section can be erected in a day, whether it is raining or day*, this reduces labour costs and can help ensure deadlines for construction are met.

Each panel is made from recycled “polyethylene terephthalate”, more commonly know as PET. This product is a form of polyester which is moulded in to plastic bottles and containers. A 2.5 metre HeatForm panel contains approximately 768 recycled bottles of 500 ml size.

By using recycled products, this is good for environment, but is also provides a light weight and strong with a long service life. Of course being PET, at the end of the panels service life the product can be recycled again.

Product Characteristics:

  • Excellent fatigue properties
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Recyclable 

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COVID-19 Advice

We have requests for information regarding the Covid-19 virus and transmission though hot tubs and swimming pools.

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) has posted an update on their site.

They recommend that pool owners should:

Users of pools should shower before entering the pool and after bathing.

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