Hot Tub Maintenance

Your spa is a valuable commodity and you should have it serviced regularly to keep it in pristine condition. We recommend that you service your spa at least once a year to ensure its optimum performance and to increase longevity.

Without regular servicing and maintenance your spa’s complex pipe work will eventually develop a build up of what is commonly known as Bio-film. Bio-film is a build up of mineral deposits, dead skin, fats, oils, soap, mould and other particles that fur up on the inside of your pipe work. Bio-film can be very difficult to remove and it can become a breading ground for micro-organisms and bacterial viruses if left untreated. 

At Homewood Leisure we offer an intensive annual service by skilled service engineers with a long pedigree in the spa’s and pool industry, we are able to service almost any make and model of spa.

We will give your spa a complete overhaul, checking that all your electrical components are operating correctly. We look for any signs of wear, giving you complete peace of mind and reducing the need for any expensive repairs in the future.  We will replace any worn seals and O’ rings ensuring your spa remains leak free for many years to come. 

We will also thoroughly clean your spa inside and out, including treating and flushing away any Bio-film from the lining of your pipe work. We will refill and sanitizing your spa water too, leaving your spa clean, safe and healthy for your whole family to enjoy.

Regular servicing and maintenance prolongs the life of your spa and its components, giving you years of enjoyment.  We can quote you with our fully comprehensive, fixed-price service. Listing everything we offer so that you can see the service details upfront with no hidden charges.