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Bayrol PoolManager Dosing System

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Innovative technology with a chic design. Made in Germany. Enjoy crystal clear water at all times - the latest version of the PoolManager has developed from being a system solely for water treatment to being a real pool management system. Thanks to the clearly structured menus, operation via the touch display is intuitive and simple. However, it's not only the inner values that are impressive; the modern design of the PoolManager also attracts attention.

As flexible as you are.

Depending upon your performance, the PoolManager is available for three different treatment methods: chlorine, chlorine free using active oxygen and bromine. And if you ever want to change treatment method: thanks to the flexibility, the PoolManager can easily be converted at any time.

  • PoolManager Chlorine

For traditional disinfection with Chloriliquid liquid chlorine. Measurement and regulating of pH value and chlorine.

  • PoolManager Oxygen - Chlorine Free

For gentle disinfection with Bayrosoft active oxygen. Measurement and regulating of pH value, dosing of active oxygen.

  • PoolManager Bromine

For alternative disinfection with Aquabrome bromine tablets. Measurement and regulating of pH value and bromine.

The pool specialist.

  • Pool management system

The PoolManager takes care of other tasks besides water treatment, such as the control of the circulation pump, water attractions and the pool heating. The extensive pool management program has the capacity to manage multiple features as you enhance your pool environment. 

  • Simple operation

The menu configuration of the PoolManager is clearly structured, this making operation simple and intuitive. Five hot keys allow quick navigation. You can clearly read all the information from the high resolution TFT display. 

  • Remote access to the system

Connecting your PoolManager to the internet or LAN enables you to monitor and regulate all functions of your pool remotely at any time from anywhere using your phone, tablet or other internet enables device.

  • The green PoolManager 

The PoolManager offers various possibilities for actively contributing to the protection of the environment. For instance, it saves energy by reducing the performance of the circulation pump at night, actively controlling the solar heater or using the energy saving "power down" function. The majority of its components and the packaging is produced from recyclable material.

  • Secure water treatment

The PoolManager takes over all tasks reliably and precisely. The alarm function of the PoolManager is activated in the event of fluctuations exceeding the limit values. It draws attention to abnormalities on the display and by an acoustic signal. It can also send and e-mail in the event of an alarm.

  • Direct help

The help hot key is at your disposal at all times. When you press this hot key, related help text is immediately shown, regardless of the menu point you are using. in this way the PoolManager can be fully operated, even when the manual instructions are not at hand.

  • Simple commissioning

This menu point shows you step-by-step how the PoolManager is correctly set up following installation. You only need to enter a few parameters; the device does the rest. The PoolManager is specially adapted to your pool from the start.

  • Your personal PoolManager

Design the display of your PoolManager to suit your personal taste. You can individually adapt the icon style or the menu view, and upload your own images for the background.