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The CityLine range stands out from the crowd with top spec features and stress-free running costs thanks to the super efficient insulation and ultra low energy filtration and circulation technology.

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  • You can enjoy a complete massage experience in all three seats of Palermo Standard spa. The Palermo Premium stands out from the crowd with its two full length reclining beds and 57 powerful jets for full top to toe massage.

  • The Palermo Deluxe is a very highly specified medium sized hot tub. The two full length beds and seating provide accommodation for 5 adults. 

  • The Manhattan Standard is the most highly featured version of this superb compact spa.

  • The Manhattan Deluxe with 36 jets and two 2 HP massage pumps has great performance and aromatic infusion therapy, multi-point colour therapy lighting, and a heated air blower system provide a quality experience to rival many larger, more expensive hot tubs. 

  • The Malaga Premium spa with its innovative solutions (switchable shoulder and neck massage jets) provides a relaxing massage after a busy day. 

  • A bottle of champagne, six glasses, a cheerful company and the party can start. The Malaga Deluxe spa contains everything that is needed for an all night long party. 

  • New HorizontSide ™ In the Zonza Deluxe spa, you can find all the features that are suitable for the large model of 5 to 6 people. All its three massage seats are well equipped, it includes 53 jets of water and air in total carefully neat places. Dive and enjoy the time of this moment in a hot bath, bubbling and massaging, while you make the experience...

  • New HorizontSide ™ Despite its small size, we have built in this model everything we thought was essential for a high-end spa. There are 53 massage jets on the elongated square, thus ensuring the entire body massage experience. The "Premium" spa includes a control panel with a smartphone or tablet, with the help of this feature you can open the heating...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items