About Us

Stuart Homewood - Managing Director

Stuart Homewood

Since 2008 Stuart has been integral in developing what was a small swimming pool and hot tub sales and maintenance business, into a company that has grown to now include a wide selection of commercial customers. Whilst still offering and delivering on our core products and services, we now also deliver on more complex projects and requirements, within the commercial sector.

Stuart’s vision is clear – to provide exceptional service and advice, ensuring that our staff and projects are resourced and developed to meet these standards. Committed to social responsibility, Stuart has created a culture that promotes honesty and a high level of integrity, encouraging individual involvement and corporate support for local charities and community groups.

Stuart has built and continues to develop new business relationships delivering our products and services, to both our residential and commercial customers within the hotel & spa, leisure and holiday park industries.

Trevor Swanson - Operation & Projects Manager

Trevor Swanson

Trevor has 15 years Logistics & Supply Chain Management experience, working within Australia’s Freight Transportation Industry. Relocating to England and changing career, Trevor has found this comes with both challenges and adventures. His employment with Homewood Leisure has made his transition much easier.

Bringing a pragmatic approach, the opportunity to contribute his knowledge and experience of system development, building client relationships and streamlining company processes, allows Trevor to fulfil his goal, improving the quality of service we offer, whilst making a positive difference to our client’s experience.

Phillip Homewood & Trevor Miller - Service Engineers

cms-img      Trevor Miller

Phil and Trevor have both worked for Plastica the UK’s largest producer of swimming pool manufactured products. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the pool trade and industry. They are both at the very top of their field and what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing. They design and build swimming pools for almost any budget, installing a wide selection of swimming pool cover systems both commercial and domestic. Their expertise in the installation of swimming pool liners from bespoke factory made liners to complex liners that are taylor fittted and hand welded on site is second to none. Their knowledge in not just limited to swimming pools but to hydrotherapy spas and hot tubs too. They can diagnose many problems over the phone or by a short site visit often repairing the problem there and then. Not only do they advise our customers on new swimming pool and spa products they ensure that the product is the right product for each individual person. All our products come with the after sales care including technical back up and support. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again reassured by our growing reputation and commitment to them.