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You can enjoy a complete massage experience in all three seats of Palermo Standard spa. The Palermo Premium stands out from the crowd with its two full length reclining beds and 57 powerful jets for full top to toe massage.

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The intensity is easily adjusted on three point of the spa by the air injector controls from a gentle caress to a powerful massage. So the strength of the hydromassage can be changed individually on the sitting and lying places of Palermo premium spa. Heated air jets also ensure the water temperature stays just where you like it, while our multi-point colour therapy mood lighting keeps you totally relaxed.  Running costs won’t stress you either thanks to our super efficient insulation and ultra low energy filtration and circulation technology.

The HorizontSide™ cabinet is made from horizontally laid, thick-lath, wood-effect units on the sides, and vertical thin cabinet panels on the corners.


  • 2180mm x 2180mm x 870mm
  • Shell material: PU reinforced acrylic (6,3 mm)
  • Reclining places: 2 persons
  • Sitting places: 3 persons
  • Water volume: 1315 l
  • Net weight; ~320 kg
  • Heating unit: 1 (3kW/230V/50Hz)
  • Drain: ¾”
  • Headrests: 3
  • Cabinet: Brushed UV resistant sythetic
  • Frame: TWF

Power Requirement:

  • 1×32A 230V/50Hz minimum

Massage System:

  • Hydro massage pumps: 2 × 3 HP 1 speed 230V/50Hz
  • Silent hot air blower 450W + 300W 230V/50Hz
  • Energy-efficient LAING circulation pump: 1 (0,19 kW)
  • Control system: Easy 4
  • Total number of jets: 57
  • Air Jets : 10
  • Diverter: 1
  • Air inlet regulators: 3

Water Sanitization:

  • UV-C water sanitization: 1
  • Filter: 1 recessed filter

Comfort Solutions:

  • Chromotherapy lighting: 1 lamp with 55 LEDs
  • Exclusive chromotherapy lighting: 16 × 1 (LED)
  • Aromatic therapy: 1
  • Thermo cover: 1

UK Delivery - £250.00
Installation - £250.00

Please contact us to confirm colour/cabinet combination.