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AquaBlue Salt Chlorinator for Larger Pools

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For pools up to 120m3 - AquaBlue Salt Chlorine Generators are an easy yet effective way to convert your in-ground swimming pool to salt water sanitisation.

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Designed for pools up to 120m3

Outstanding Water Quality

Swim in a pool fitted with an Aquablue salt water purifier and feel the difference. Your pool water will feel silky soft. No more dry skin and red eyes.

Advanced Cell Design
The self-cleaning transparent cell ensures easy visual checks and minimal maintenance.

Proven Technology
More pools than ever are moving to Aquablue. Over 90% of pools in Australia now use salt technology. AquaBlue Salt Chlorine Generator

Easy to Use
The Aquablue Salt Water Sanitiser has been designed for simple operation. The precision output control knob is simple to use and is backed up by a boost (shock) button. Salt water sanitisers have been used worldwide for many years.